Woods and Finishes

I really like the true beauty of wood as it comes from the tree. I DO NOT stain any of the wood that I use, although I do paint a background piece on some of my wall plaques. Each piece of wood has different characteristics that enhance the beauty of the piece I have cut and should be preserved.

All of my products, with the exception of the Name Puzzles, are sprayed with eight coats of clear, water-based Lacquer. The Name Puzzles are immersed in a solution of clear shellac and denatured alcohol. 
  The woods I use are Alder, Baltic Birch, Birds Eye Maple, Cedar, Cherry, Lenga, Mahogany, Maple, Poplar, Purple Heart, Sapele, Walnut and Western Red Cedar. I will use Oak on occasion.

 I use the Baltic Birch for Portraits and the other woods for Wall Plaques and The Name Puzzles. I try to select the wood color to match the subject of the puzzle as best as I can. However, I will cut a puzzle out of any wood that I have available to me