About Me

  My wife, Judy, bought me my first Scroll Saw in 1999 so I could make things for our unborn Grand Children.  Over the years of doing that and filling our walls, I found that I really enjoyed working on the scroll saw.  The challenge of creating intricate portraits, wall plaques and puzzles was very relaxing and satisfying to me.

After a few years I graduated to a better grade of saw and found that other people would actually pay for the products that I made.  We started going to Arts and Craft Festivals and got serious about the whole thing in 2007.  We have finally leveled out at about 20 festivals a year which is more than enough for this old body.    

 I am creating this web site in order to continue to sell to the public while I cut back on the rigors of doing festivals.  My goal is to ship, from stock, the products that I have listed.  I will continue to make custom orders for people that want something other than what is listed, whether it is a different wood or different color felt behind a portrait.  You can contact me and we can talk about what it is that you would like.  

Gary A. Morris